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  Sheep skin rug product types
Sheepskin rugs - natural shape single and multiple pelts
Natural shaped lambskin pelts
Single pelt Classic sheep skin rugs are available in several sizes/grades. We sell the premium grade 5 Star XL range of single pelts which are the largest grade that are consistently available. They offer a soft, thick wool with generous dimensions whilst still excellent value.
For the cost conscious consumer we also offer Classic's Spring Lamb medium lambskin rugs at excellent prices in three sizes - Single, Double and Quarto. These are smaller lambskin rugs that aren't large enough to meet the regular grading but are still of an excellent quality.
Many customers purchase a pair of single rugs to go on the floor either side of the bed. If you buy them together, we'll do our best to find the closest match from our extensive stock.
Multiple-pelt rugs
As well as these single pelt rugs, we stock the entire range of multiples in the natural Ivory White colour. Starting with the 1.5 piece rug followed by Double, Quarto, Sexto and finally the magnificent eight pelt Octo.
We also offer very large rugs that are made from 10, 12, 15, 16 or even more lambskins pelts and these are all made especially to order.
This special order custom sheepskin rug service enables us to offer all these shapes and size in 6 dyed colours in addition to the natural Ivory White.
Each of the lambskin pelts has been expertly matched and sewn to make a masterpiece that will add warmth to any floor. Many of our customers also use them to cover beds and chairs.
Designer rugs
Large and small sheepskin designer rugs from Classic Sheepskins
In addition to our huge choice of both stocked and special order multiple pelt sheepskin rugs, we supply Classic's designer rugs which are also made to order.
For example, Classic's border and petal rugs have a silky soft natural Ivory White long wool centre with a border which can be one of 7 different colours.
Some rug styles are now also available in a unique combination of short wool white shearling and curly wool sheepskins.
Baby Care rugs
Bowron lambskins for baby
Christchurch based GL Bowron's lambskins for baby sell well all year. We purchase these by the large bale so are able to offer these are a great price including delivery. Well presented, these premium baby lambskins or lambies come in their specially made carry bag. They make an excellent gift for both new babies and toddlers.
These baby rugs can be used as an item of bedding in the cot, are excellent for changing baby on and can be taken wherever baby goes.
Strict regulations covering the chemicals used in the tanning and the quality of the skin and wool pile are met or surpassed. Don't risk a cheaper imitation, go for these premium lamb skins produced by the world famous sheepskin tanners, GL Bowron.
Medical rugs
Medical sheepskins in various sizes

Know anyone who is confined to one place for extended periods of time? Fleece Ease medical sheepskin bring comfort and relief for all ages and are a boon for those suffering from backache, arthritic pain or sports injuries or to anybody who is convalescing.
They can even been used by truck, taxi cab and other long distance drivers.
We sell the Bowron FleeceEase which is consistently of the highest quality and meets or surpasses the many stringent requirements of a medical sheepskin rug. It is made from a particularly large Australian or New Zealand sheepskin pelt.
Insist on genuine sheepskin over wool or artificial fibre based products.
Attractively packaged in a corded carry bag, it makes an excellent gift idea.
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